“Born in Australia, Grown in Washington, USA”

DOC CROC produces premium quality, indoor hydroponic flower & BHO concentrates.

DOC CROC cannabis products are independently laboratory tested prior to packaging & sale.

DOC CROC cannabis products are regulated by Washington state Liquor & Cannabis Board (WALCB).

DOC CROC LLC is a Tier 2 Washington state I-502, WALCB licensed cannabis producer/processor.

DOC CROC supplies WALCB licensed I-502 retail stores & processors in Washington state only.


DOC CROC products can only be purchased at WA I-502 recreational cannabis stores in the state of Washington, USA. Washington state I-502 retail stores welcome adults 21 years & over with valid ID. All retail cannabis packages are pre-sealed & labelled. The consumer knows exactly what they are buying. The range of products & expert advice at these retail stores is extensive. Flower, concentrates, edibles, tinctures & paraphernalia are available.


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We grow in a hybrid hydroponic system. A top fed, coco/perlite, air injected, deep water culture system which produces quality weed from healthy plants. This system produces well over 2lb per 1,000W of light. We use 6,400K 600W Metal Halides for vegetative growth & 2,200K 1000W High Pressure Sodiums for flower. We finish with 10,000K 1000W Metal Halides for increased resin production.

Our nutrient formulation is derived from mineral salts. Free of heavy metals unlike amended soils that use fish meal, blood meal & bone meal fertilizers. Hydroponics means working with water. The optimum amount of food for each stage of growth is applied to the roots in solution. The plant is fed a complete nutritional program. The plant root zone is constantly monitored for the correct nutrient strength & pH resulting in fast growth & quality produce. We use no pesticides, plant growth regulators or artificial hormones.


DOC CROC grows high performance plants that excel in perfect conditions.


Mega Lab

DOC CROC specializes in BHO (Butane Hash Oil) concentrates. We have ten, purpose built N-Butane closed loop extractors with jacketed cans & columns that allow us to extract at super cold temperatures. Super cold extraction removes chlorophyll, fats & lipids for desirable color, clarity & stability of the final product. After extraction, our oils are laid out as slabs on parchment paper & purged in vacuum ovens for up to three days to remove residual solvent. Our concentrates are independently tested for potency & must pass strict residual solvent analysis prior to sale. We strive to give the consumer a pleasant & reliable experience.

DOC CROC manufactures premium quality Distillate, RSO, Shatter, Wax &¬†produces some of the world’s highest potency tested cannabis concentrates.


Total Cannabinoids independently tested at 80-99.9%

DOC CROC produces some of the world’s highest potency tested Cannabis Concentrates.

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