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DOC CROC specializes in BHO (Butane Hash Oil) concentrates. We have ten, purpose built N-Butane closed loop extractors with jacketed cans & columns that allow us to extract at super cold temperatures. Super cold extraction removes chlorophyll, fats & lipids for desirable color, clarity & stability of the final product. After extraction, our oils are laid out as slabs on parchment paper & purged in vacuum ovens for up to three days to remove residual solvent. Our concentrates are independently tested for potency & must pass strict residual solvent analysis prior to sale. We strive to give the consumer a pleasant & reliable experience.

DOC CROC manufactures premium quality Distillate, RSO, Shatter, Wax & produces some of the world’s highest potency tested cannabis concentrates.

Total Cannabinoids independently tested at 80-99.9%

DOC CROC produces some of the world’s highest potency tested Cannabis Concentrates.

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LN2 + C4H10 = 710 4 502

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