doc croc packaging.cdr

B H O   S H A T T E R  P E N

DOC CROC DABULATOR is pre-loaded with 0.25g of premium DOC CROC concentrate with a total cannabinoid content of 80-96% depending on the pre-loaded strain. Available in Indica & Sativa dominant strains. Each DABULATOR comes complete with a handy dab tool & USB charger.

How to use:

To turn on: Press button five (5) times. Press & hold button to vape. Draw slowly for best results.

Dabulator-Rechargeable-Hi-Res-cropped-black_1Re-loadable and Rechargeable, mobile dabs.

The DABULATOR Rechargeable is designed to be reloaded & recharged via the included USB charger till end of battery life.

Replacement coils & parts are available at www.dabulator.com